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The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess

Hi, this is, infect, my very first walkthrough, so I hope this walkthrough will
help and assist you when you happened to be stuck somewhere in the game. I have
divided this into parts/chapters for convenience.

Beginning: Ok, I got to admit that the beginning is quite confusing. Well, here
it is: Link has sure grown up a lot. I say he is about 20 or something. He is
ranch hand in a little village called The Ordon Village. Link has a horse, yes
its name is Epona, but in the beginning you were allowed to change her name.
Anyway, he has three little retarded friends. In the beginning he is apparently
talking to some guy/father about the Hyrule and Castle Town. (I never get these
parts) So, this one girl brings you your horse. The next day, you are awakened
by a guy at Ordon Ranch asking you if you wanted to herd up his goats. You
agree. You go through the Ordon Village to go to the Ordon Ranch, but on the
way, do a few things. Talk with the guy up on top of a giant elevated part of
land. He’ll say something about how you should talk with him while pressing the
L button. Climb up the ivy on the side of it. He then will show you a cat by the
river. He says that it belongs to Sera, the owner of the Sundries shop. You
obviously notice that the cat’s hungry. You need a fishing pole. To get one, if
your still on the elevated piece on land, then just jump to your left. You will
see a weed/grass pick it up and blow into it. It will attract a hawk which will
come up onto your arm. If you can see it, you see a monkey far away holding a
brown basket. Position the target to the basket and set it free. The hawk will
bring the basket back. For now, put the basket down at blow into the plant once
more. This time position the target to the large tree where a bee’s nest is. The
hawk knocks it down to reveal 5 pieces on honey. Honey can fit into your bottle
for fishing bait. Pick up the basket and go down to the normal ground. There is
a pregnant lady talk to her while your holding the basket. She will give you a
fishing pole. Now time to catch some fish. Find the cat and start fishing by the
river. It takes 2-5 times to actually catch a fish. Once you finally do, the cat
will start attacking the fish on your fishing pole and finally running away with
it. It runs all the way back to its owner’s home. Reunited and it feels so good.
After that go into the shop with the purple roof that the cat just went in a
talk with the woman. She gives you milk in a bottle that replenishes 3 hearts.
Now it’s time to earn some rupees. I would start by smashing pumpkins into
things, but that gets boring and you could get yelled at by the man on the ledge
for wasting food. Also, to get easy money is to go to the beehive that you just
recently broke open and go to your left. There are a set of vines. Climb them
and balance yourself to where you’re at the end of the branch. One your at the
edge, the is a blue rupee (5) and a yellow rupee (10). You can also roll through
grass to get rupees. Once you have gotten to 30, go to the purple roofed shop a
buy a slingshot. Go back to your house. You see that some guy/father. He tells
you to go into your room. Go into your room and open the big treasure chest. In
it, is a wooden sword. Woopee..Go back outside and talk with them. They envy
that you have a slingshot. They ask you to shoot at targets.

Well that’s all if have I will soon write some more. Thanx

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