The Online War of the Dark and Light Side - Guide for Star Wars: Battlefront

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We all know the planets and clone or cival wars in the game

(i usually do cival) i call it cival because that is what it sounds like to me but 
here is some good stratagies

jedi killing
character choose of best use
notes and good moves and chooses

to kill a jadi simple be in a vehicle that either flies or is a walker and make 
sure alot of other ppl in certain vehicles are around then when you see a jedi have 
ppl who are on foot throw or shoot grenades or missiles or snipe and ppl in 
vehicles should fire like no tomorow...
if your in a grassy area be a sniper and crawl along the area in a grassy spot 
where you arent seen. same with places with alot of cover

if your in a very open sighted place be sure to have a character with grenades or 
missiles and snipers do help when far away.

if your in a area that is a combination of that (like the icy battle field with the 
at-at's) then best to use a vehicle there and be a person with a rapid fireing 
P.S. this might depend on what side you choose to be
this section isnt really gonna be helpful cause if any of you have played the game 
then you already know what it is like

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