The Weapons - Guide for Star Wars: Battlefront

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Blaster Rifle- The standard weapon for soldiers. A very reliable and effective gun.
Although it's automatic, you can't just hold down the trigger, because it gets
extremely inaccurate after extended use.

Blaster Pistol- The secondary weapon for most infantry. Though not nearly as harmful
as the blaster rifle, it has unlimited ammo, and can get the job done.

Commando Pistol- More automatic and powerful than the Blaster Pistol.

Blast Cannon- Basically a shotgun. Not worth anything at long distances, but it can
cause a lot of damage at close range.

Mortar Launcher- Tap the trigger to send an explosive at an enemy. Hold the trigger
to make the mortar go farther, and to extend it's life before it explodes.

Radiation Launcher- Pretty much the same thing as the Mortar Launcher.

EMP Launcher- Gets the job done well when battling droids. Direct hits will disable
any CIS but the Droideika, which, with full health, takes two hits.

On Bolt Caster- Tap the trigger to send out a burst of electricity. Hold the trigger
to improve the burst's size and power. Though it can sometimes be annoying to use,
it's a reliable weapon.

Sniper Rifle- Press R3 to zoom. Two chest shots from this high powered rifle will
bring down anything but a Droideika and a Wookie, which require three.

Missile Launcher- It's primary source is to take down enemy aircraft and land
vehicles, but it is also very effective when used on concentrated groups of enemy units.

Thermal Detonator- I like to think of these as the Missile Launcher's little brother.
Pack a powerful explosive, and can bring down enemy units, but not very effective on

Concussion Grenade- The Missile Launcher's baby sister. Does little damage to enemy
units, but packs a punch when used on vehicles.

Mines- Lay these down if you want to surprise some enemy units. Do not harm your own
troops, but one mine can kill any enemy who is lucky enough to find it.

Recon Droid- Though it's built in laser isn't very effective, pressing L1 will call
down powerful orbital strikes that will make you think twice about these little droids.

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