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DDD   A  RRR  K K     CC L  OOO  U  U DDD
D  D A A R  R KK     C   L O   O U  U D  D
D  D AAA R R  K K    C   L O   O U  U D  D
DDD  A A R  R K  K    CC L  OOO   UU  DDD

Table of content:-
1)In game controls
2)Imp. items
Walking mode:
Left analog stick:Move Character
/_\button:Main menu
O button:Cancel & centre camera behind character
X button:Action
Square button:Display use item(when there is a ! mark)
L1 & R1 buttons & Right analog stick:rotate camera
Start button:pause
Select button:switch to edit mode

Edit mode:
Left analog stick:Move Cursor
/_\button:Diorama menu 
O button:Cancel
X button:Action
L2 & R2 buttons:Rotate diorama part
L1 & R1 buttons & Right analog stick:rotate camera
Start button:pause
Select button:switch to walking mode

In dungeon:
Left analog stick:Move Character
/_\button:Main menu
O button:Cancel & Lock on
X button:Action & attack
Square button:Display use item(when there is a ! mark)
L1 & R1 buttons & Right analog stick:rotate camera
Start button:pause
Select button:switch Between players

While lock on in Dungeon
Left analog stick:Move Character
/_\button:Main menu
O button:Remove lock on & cancel
X button:Action
R1 button:gaurd
L1 button:switch between targets
Start button:pause
Select button:switch between players

2)imp. items:

Bread:recover Hp a little
cheese:recover Hp
prenium chicken:restore all Hp
Mellow bannana:restore all Hp & make you thirsty
Regular water:recover thirst a little
tasty water:recover thirst
prenium water:restore all thirst
Gourd:restore all thirst & increase the thirst limit
repair powder:repaires your weapon
auto repair powder:repairs your weapon automattically
escape powder:gets you out of a dungeon(if mind connection blocked)
antidote:removes poison
soap:remove goey condition
holy water:remove curse
cherry:causes freezing
poisonis apple:causes poison
goey peach:causes goey
Bomb:causes huge damage
holy gem:causes holy attack
fire gem:causes fire attack
ice gem:causes ice attack
thunder gem:causes electric attack
wind gem:causes wind attack
Dran's feather:increases speed
3)First dungeon in Noulun village

1)8 Alta
2)8 Alta
3)8 Alta
4)0 Alta(Duel)
5)8 Alta
6)4 Alta
7)6 Alta
8)1 Alta(Deul)
9)8 Alta 
10)8 Alta
11)0 Alta(limited zone)
12)7 Alta
13)7 Alta
14)8 Alta
15)Divine beast chamber
BOSS:The divine beast Dran
First attack him with Xiao,when he falls down hit him with Toan,Do this several 
times & he will
be defeated.

Second dungeon in matataki village

1)7 Alta
2)8 Alta
3)7 Alta
4)0 Alta(limited zone)
5)8 Alta
6)8 Alta
7)8 Alta
8)8 Alta
9)0 Alta(deul)
10)8 Alta
11)8 Alta
12)0 Alta(limited zone)
13)8 Alta
14)5 Alta
15)7 Alta
16)4 Alta

BOSS:The forest gaurdian
Hit his legs with Goro then when he fells down attack him with Toan.

Third dungeon in Queens

1)8 Alta
2)5 Alta
3)5 Alta
4)6 Alta
5)0 Alta(limited zone)
6)8 Alta
7)4 Alta
8)6 Alta
9)0 Alta
10) 4 Alta
11) 7 Alta
12) 0 Alta(limited zone)
13) 5 Alta
14) 5 Alta
15) 3 Alta
16) 4 Alta
17) 4 Alta

BOSS:Ice Queen
Hit her with ruby using a fire arrtibute so her sheild will be gone then attack her 
a close ranged character(Toan or Goro).

Fourth dungeon in Muska Racka


1)1 Alta 
2)3 Alta
3)6 Alta
4)7 Alta
5)0 Alta
6)8 Alta
7)3 Alta
8)5 Alta
9)0 Alta
10)6 Alta
11)8 Alta
12)6 Alta
13)0 Alta
14)6 Alta
15)2 Alta
16)2 Alta
17)4 Alta
BOSS:The king of curse Coffin
Use Ungaga's charge attack near him so the black dust go away then attack him with a 
ranged character(Toan or Goro or Ungaga).

The fifth Dungeon in Yellow drops

1)8 Craters
2)3 Craters
3)1 Craters
4)0 Craters
5)5 Craters
6)6 Craters
7)6 Craters
8)0 Craters
9)4 Craters
10)6 Craters
11)0 Craters(limited zone)
12)4 Craters
13)8 Craters
14)5 Craters

Actually I don't know the correct way to defeat Monitoar,but I defeated him by 
hitting him with
Ungaga when he stops to drink the wine.

The sixth Dungeon in Dark heaven castle
Gallery of time

1)4 Alta
2)3 Alta
3)3 Alta
4)3 Alta
5)2 Alta
6)2 Alta
7)4 Alta
8)4 Alta
9)3 Alta
10)3 Alta
11)3 Alta
12)3 Alta
13)3 Alta
14)3 Alta
15)3 Alta
16)3 Alta
17)4 Alta
18)4 Alta
19)0 Alta(limited zone)
20)0 Alta(limited zone)
21)0 Alta(limited zone)
22)0 Alta(limited zone)
23)0 Alta(limited zone)
24)5 Alta

BOSS:Dark Genie
First he will try to attack you with his hands by getting it out from the floor you 
will have to
hit his hand with the arrtibute on his hand(for ex. if his hand contains red jewel 
you'll have 
to attack him with a fire arrtibute)or you can remove the arrtibute,use Toan or Goro 
or Ungaga
after that he will start shotting rays from his head you will have to attack him 
with Xiao or
Ruby or Osamond,after that he will transforme to a large....alarge something you 
will have
to attack him in his head.

Noulun village:
My house:You must let it look at the east where the sun shines
Macho's house:near the cave
Laura's house:away from the mayor
Paige's house:near a pond
Claude's house:near Alnet's house
Hag's house:defeat dran and be infront of Dran's windmill
Alnet's house:away from Macho's house
Gaffer's buggy:near a lot of houses
Drans windmill:infront of Hag's house
Small windmill 1:anywhere
Small windmill 2:anywhere
Small windmill 3:anywhere 

Matataki village:
Pao's house:next to the pond near the forest
Cacao's house:between alot of trees
Bunbuku's house:near a watermill
Kye and Momo's house:near wise owl shop
Baron's house:near the pond with the waterfall
Couscou's house:on Earth A
Gob's house:near Kye and Momo's house
Mushroom house:on Earth B
Wise owl shop:between a lot of water
Well1,2 & 3:anywhere
Water mill1,2 & 3:one of them near Bunbuku's house & the rest anywhere

King's Hideout:between roads
Sheriffs office:near the king's hideout
Joker's store:away from Sheriffs office
Jack's house:near a fountain
Ruty's store:near the entrance to the port
Lana's store:near Joker's store
Basker's store: in a high place
Fresh up washery:near the fountain
Catherdal:near leaning tower
Leaning Tower:Near Catherdal
Divining house:Look towards the sun

If you completed the requests in Noulun village Dran will teach you a new charge 
you master it you can use it in a dungeon by holding the X button untill toan flash 
then let go the button.
If you completed the requests in Matataki village the Tree will give you an axe for 
Goro which
attack is 65 & a powerup powder.
If you completed the requests in Queens The sheriff will give you a sword of his 
friend Macho
which is in Noulun village I can't remmember how much the attack was.please notify 
me if you 

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