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Felix Aguirre Jr.
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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
Location And Name Of All 25 Witches And Wizard Cards

*Hogwarts Entrance
Albus Dumbledore - Pg:1, Upper Left
     - Weasly Twins (25 beans) Before Lesson.

*Broomstick Training
Merlin - Pg:1, Lower Left
     - Secret Room Behind Stained Glass Window "H".

*Wingardium Leviosa Lesson
Tilly Toke - Pg:1, Upper Right
     - Alohamora Lesson, Room 1, Flipendo The Knight To Open A Secret Room.

Burdock Muldoon - Pg:1, Lower Right
     - After Flipendoing The Last Switch, Turn Around, Alohamora The Mirror, Go Up,
       Open The Farthest Chest.

*Second Floor Landing
Adalbert Waffling - Pg:2, Upper Left
     - After You Leave The Charms Lesson, Go Left From Hedwig's First Letter, Up
       The Bookcases, Alohamora The Mirror, And Open The Chest.

Uric The Oddball - Pg:2, Lower Left
     - After You Fight Peeves, You'll Find The Weasly Twins (25 Beans).

Derwent Shimpling - Pg:2, Upper Right
     - After You Talk To Nevill, Go Towards The Entrance Hall, Use Alohamora On 
       The Mirror, And Go Up The Ledges To The Room With One Chest.

*Hogwarts Grounds
Cornelius Agrippa - Pg:2, Lower Right
     - Before You Enter The Greenhouse, Go To Your Right, Use Alohamora On The 
       Ledge, Follow It Around The Back Of The Greenhouse, And Use Flipendo On The 
       Two Statues.

Godric Gryffindor - Pg:3, Lower Right
     - Talk To The Weaslys (25 Beans) To The Left Before You Enter The Greenhouse.

*Herbology Lesson
Newt Scamander - Pg:3, Upper Left
     - In The Room With The Tree In The Middle, Use Alohamora On The Bookcases, And
       Flipendo The Switch Behind Them, Then Knock Over Both Knomes Below.

*Incendio Challenge
Edgar Strougler - Pg:3, Lower Left
     - In The Maze With The Venomus Tentacula, Climb The Ledges At The End, And Make 
       Your Way To The Chest.

*Forest Edge
Bowman Wright - Pg:3, Upper Right
     - Before Hagrids Hut, Turn And Incendio All The Spiky Bushes. Go In The Cave 
       Behind, And Follow Past The Chest To The Waterfall Room. In That Chest Is The 

Herper The Foul - Pg:6, Lower Right
     - Before Hagrids Hut, Flipendo All Three Fire Crabs. Climb The Ledge Provided, 
       Into The Cave Above, Across The Thin Bridge, Into The Opposite Cave With The 

*Fireseed Caves
Morgan Le Fay - Pg:4, Upper Left
     - Before Second Save Game Book, Go Back Across The Tree Bridge, And Drop To The 
       Lower Ledge On The Right To The Hidden Room.

Salazar Slytherin - Pg:4, Upper Right
     - Collect ALL 21 Fireseeds, And See Hagrid At The End. He Will Give This Card.

*Hogwarts Entrance 2
Bertie Bott - Pg:4, Lower Left
     - Follow The Weasly Twins To The Common Room Fire To Meet Them (25 Beans).

*Lumos Challenge
Cassandra Vablatsky - Pg:4, Lower Right
     - After Second Save Game Book, Before Third Challenge Star, Open Stainted Glass 
       Window With Alohamora And Jump Inside.

*Second Floor Landing 2
Ignatia Wildsmith - Pg:5, Uppper Left
     - After You Leave The Lumos Challenge, Go Straight Until The Weasly Twins Stop 
       You. Hint: They Will Be In A Picture (25 Beans).

Gifford Ollerton - Pg:5, Lower Left
     - Follow Ron Down The Stairs Of the Entrance Hall, Then Turn Left, And Go To 
       The Side Of The Stairs And Open The Chest.

*Potions Lesson
Ellandora Ketteridge - Pg:5, Upper Right
     - After Second Save Game Book, Board The Moving Platform, And Jump To The Ledge 
       With All The beans. Flipendo The Switch, And Go In The Passage It Opens On 
       Your Left.

*Potions Challenge
Hengist Of Woodcroft - Pg:5, Lower Right
     - Follow The Bloody Baron The Second Time Through The Gate, And Alohamora The
       Statue To Open A Secret Room.

*Climb Up Tower
Helga Hufflepuff - Pg:6, Upper Left
     - Before Last Save Game Book, Go To The Long Room With Two Lumos Platforms And 
       The Big Picture. Drop Down And Open The Chest.

*Climb Down Tower
Rowena Ravenclaw - Pg:6, Lower Left
     - Near The Very End Of This Level, You Will See The Weasly Twins. Follow The 
       Onto The Platform, Then Go Talk To Them.

*Third Floor Corridor
Roderick Plumpton - Pg:6, Upper Right
     - Soon After You Enter The Corrider, Open The Chest On Your Right.

*Finish The Game
Harry Potter - Pg:7
     - Complete The Game With All The Above Wizard Cards, And Ron Will Give You A 
       Card Of Harry Potter.

(c)Azul 2002

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