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The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Before you read this, I have to let you know that this is my first time ever 
writing and submitting a walktrough. I very much hope that you like it.

I have divided this walkthrough into parts/sections for your convinence.

1: The Beginning- In the very beginning, Link is a poor ranchhand with a horse 
named Epona, 3 little retarded friends who all live in a little village called 
the Ordon Village. Anyway, a scene comes up of a waterfall and Link is 
apparently talking to this blond haired man who I don't know the name of. 
(This is the confuesing part) he tells Link about Twilight and what not. Then 
he says to Link that he was supposed to deliver something to Hyrule a far off 
city far bigger than Ordon. They then both take Epona, lead her across a 
bridge, and by your house. The next day comes and the guy from the Ordon Ranch 
asks you to herd some goats with him with Epona. You agree, but then he asks 
where is Epona. The camera angle points to a clearing in the forest. You can 
take alternate paths. 1: you just go straight ahead. 2: if you go to your left 
in the section with all the rocks, you can crouch your way through to the 
waterfall. Once there, talk with the girl and she tells you to play the 
weed/grass over behind you that looks like a horseshoe. Play it and Epona will 
come rushing over to you. Riding her is kinda fun, really. You just direct her 
with left,right,forward, and back to back her go faster, press A, but once all 
of the spurs are filled up on the screen, you can do it again. You can also 
move the control stick up to also make her go faster. And when she stops, you 
use A to dismount. Ride her back the way you came and go through the gate and 
into Ordon Village. Ignore absolutly everything and go straight to the large 
gate with horns on top of it. Once there, you herd goats. Easy as pie. You 
just go up to a group of goats and press A to herd them. Once done, he tells 
you to practice with jumping fences. It also is easy as pie, but there is a 
trick to it. When your about 2 seconds away from a fence press A to jump. If 
you do the timing wrong, Epona will just stop and you will have to do it 
again. Once you get the hang of it, jump over the fence by the gate in which 
you came.

You then are awakened the next morning by your stupid, retarded friends. Climb 
down your ladder and go outside to talk with them. They tell you that there is 
a new slingshot on sale for 30 rupees in the Sundries shop in the Ordon 
Village. Go to the Ordon Village and walk towards the right of the purple 
roofed house when you first come into Ordon Village. You speak with a man who 
blabs all of this crap about pressing L button and A button to talk with him. 
Anyway, climb up the ivy and hop onto the next ledge and blow the weed/grass 
to summon a hawk. You have a target. First, off in the distance, you will see 
a monkey holding a brown baskey. Position the target right on the basket. If 
you did it right, the hawk will bring back the basket a fly away. For now, 
drop the basket next to you and blow the weed/grass again. This time move you 
control stick around to see a large bee nest on top of this large tree. The 
hawk will nock it down to reveal 5 slices of honey stuff. Anyway, pick up the 
basket again the hop of the ledge, not in the water, but the ledge where the 
man is. Then, with the basket, go to a woman that looks like she is pregnant. 
Talk with her with the basket on your head. She will give you a fishing pole. 
Now, from what the man said, catch a fish in the river where the cat is. It 
will probably take 2-5 try to do, but when you do, the fish will fall off the 
fishing pole and the cat will grab it away and run away to its owner's house. 
After the scene, go to the purple roofed shop and talk with the lady. She will 
give you milk, which replenishes 3 hearts.

Well, thats all I got, but i'll continue to write soon. Thanx!!!

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