3DS Reviews

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Paper Mario: Sticker Star ()
December 3, 2012 -

There are two things to remember about Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The first is that itís a Paper Mario game,… Read More »

Fractured Soul
Fractured Soul ()
September 19, 2012 -

So apparently this Fractured Soul game was in development for a retail release for a while before it came out… Read More »

New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. 2 ()
August 29, 2012 -

I noticed something a bit odd while playing New Super Mario Bros. 2. It seems like nothing in the streets… Read More »

Mario Tennis Open
Mario Tennis Open ()
July 31, 2012 -

Let me first say that making a Mario Tennis game for the 3DS was Nintendoís best idea since remaking Star… Read More »

Amoebattle (, , )
May 17, 2012 -

At the dawn of this year 2012, I came into the 21st century by purchasing a handheld device with real… Read More »

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