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By Nick McDonald, May 21, 2013 2 Uncategorized

So, moments ago, Microsoft just wrapped up their media event for the new Xbox, titled Xbox One. Answers to some big questions were left out of the presentation, such as price point, release date (they did confirm this year), and… Read More »

By Steve Cook, February 27, 2011 0 Uncategorized

Black Ops allows cheating in single player mode, but cheating in Multi-player mode, can get you banned by Valve-Anti-Cheat

Black Ops

By Steve Cook, February 27, 2011 0 Uncategorized

All about Call of Duty: Black Ops. A little review of the game, and then some of the basic cheats.

By Steve Cook, January 27, 2011 0 Uncategorized

Today’s video cheats are for CoD: Black ops.  As you know, this has some interesting cheats and easter eggs, and they’re fairly easy to get to. Of course, they don’t work in multi-player, but that’s okay. The first video shows… Read More »

By Steve Cook, January 21, 2011 0 Uncategorized

Call of Duty Black Ops is one of the most popular games on CheatCodes.com this month. And that’s for a couple of reasons: first, it’s an awesome game, and second, it’s got some good cheat codes and fun unlockables. Entering… Read More »

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