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By Lindsey Weedston, December 3, 2012 3

There are two things to remember about Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The first is that it’s a Paper Mario game,… Read More »

By Jerrime Castle, July 31, 2012 0

As the world awaits ArenaNet to release its ultra hyped MMO, Guild Wars 2, those too impatient for the final product have prepurchased the game and are participating in weekend Beta Events that happen about once a month. These Beta Events allow the… Read More »

By Lindsey Weedston, July 31, 2012 0 , ,

When you’ve played as many video games as I have, you come to expect that watching fungus grow on a… Read More »

By Jerrime Castle, June 20, 2012 0

Last month Blizzard released its latest in ultra-popular dungeon crawler series Diablo III. The game was an instant success in… Read More »

By Jerrime Castle, June 19, 2012 0

Blizzard Entertainment recently released its long awaited sequel to the super popular dungeon crawler series, Diablo 3. The game itself has been met with rave reviews regarding its stylized gameplay, graphics, audio track, sustainability and just about anything else that happens in… Read More »

By Lindsey Weedston, June 19, 2012 0 , ,

In this 30-plus hour role-playing game, players will enter the gritty and medieval fantasy world of Westeros. As one of two original characters with disparate motivations, both former soldiers of Robert’s Rebellion, players will forge alliances and wage battles as… Read More »

By Pat Holloway, May 24, 2012 0

When World of Warcraft hit, Star Wars Galaxies, Lucas Arts’ MMORPG set in a Galaxy far, far, away became a… Read More »

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