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By Steve Cook, August 25, 2012 1

Microsoft has just released a new live-action trailer for the upcoming Halo 4 and its promotional web series. Watching the video reminds me of the start of the iconic movie Full Metal Jacket. If they’re trying to put that much… Read More »

By Steve Jenkins, August 10, 2012 0

Do you like dubstep and Halo? Then you’ll love this new video from the Halo Waypoint Channel. And even if you’re not crazy about dubstep, you’ll probably like it anyway. Halo Waypoint says: Take a look at the huge arsenal… Read More »

By Steve Jenkins, June 21, 2012 0

It’s not every day you get to see a “live action” trailer for an iconic video game franchise, but you do on this day. In this official E3 2012 Halo 4 trailer called The Commissioning,witness the unbridled optimism of the… Read More »

By Nick McDonald, May 23, 2012 0

Microsoft and 343 Industries released some new screenshots from Halo 4′s multiplayer and campaign yesterday (including what looks like it could be a very morose and deshevled Cortana). Details are still relatively slim on the November 6th release, but we… Read More »

By Steve Jenkins, April 19, 2012 0
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