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1. Rhino

He's fairly easy. 
If you see him standing up straight with the giant battery, repetitively press O 
as fast as you can... he'll start swinging the thing around like a stinkin' lunatic. 
He'll eventually stop spinning , because he's dizzy. Go into "Spidey Sence" 
mode ad hit him as many times as you can. But watch out when he bends over 
with the battery on his back... He's  Going to Charge At You!!!  Charge your 
jump and get out of the way. Keep repeating until he runs out of health.

2. Quenton Beck:

This one's easy. First, make sure you have grapple, just grapple people 
one-by-one as fast as you can, and Beck doesn't stand a chance.

This ones more difficult...  But stay behind the walls at all times. I'm sure you 
can get all the way to the rotating platforms with ease. But try to keep at least 
two lives. Just jump off the platform... Yes I'm serious... he'll hit you but you'll 
have one life left, charge your jump and jump onto the switch platform (the one 
that isn't moving) on the left side  of the course.

3.  Mysterio
First, save the two reporters that are falling, there is one on each of the side 
balconies. Then destroy all of the robots. Trust me, its an easy task. Then, 
save the remaining reporters and you win.

Swing across to the Statue Of Liberty from the U.F.O.s. You'll notice that there 
is a ring of U.F.O.s around the statue. If you attach to one with your web, it will 
take you up to the orbs. If you destroy all of the orbs, you can attack the brain 
(the brain is really weak in health). Destroy it, and  you win.

You can definitely beat the Mr. Hop and Hack clowns. When his back hits the 
ground after you hit him a lot just tap O. Repeat until they all die. 
The hard part is the hall of mirrors. Try to stay in the middle most of the time. 
Kill the reflections that come to life. Destroy a mirror, notice the beam of light 
that shines to Mysterios head (on the ceiling in the middle). The mirrors that 
hid beams of light are spread three apart.
(0 = beam of light 1= regular mirror   0110110110110)
Just destroy the mirrors that hide beams of light (0) and you'll win. 

3. Shocker
Do a sprinting punch to send him up in the air, keep punching him until you hit 
the ground. If he starts glowing...RUN!  He makes a shockwave that takes a 
chunk out of your health. Repeat until he runs out of health.

4. Dr. Octopus
This is a simple strategy, but it's not easy to beat Dr. Octopus
First, take out the henchmen. Then run from Doc Oc. Wait until he goes back 
on the ground. Do a sprinting punch and keep doing the 3 hit (4 hit if you have 
it) combo.
Repeat until he runs out of health.

5. Mysterio (again)
Believe it or not, punch him once and he's finished.

6. Shocker (again)
When Black Cat says, go to the platform opposite to her and press square on 
the CPU.
Then, run and attack Shocker. Watch out for the shockwave. Repeat until he 
runs out of health.

Dr. Octopus (again)

Wait until he goes onto the ground, while dodging any attack he may try, then 
do the sprinting punch combo. Repeat until he runs out of health.

Stay away from Dr. Octopus, he can't be hurt at all... Just go destroy  all the 
CPUs. This time there are 8 of them when this is done, stick to the original 

Congrats, you beat all the bosses in Spiderman 2. 

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