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Riley Dashiell Biehl is a lover of comics, cartoons, video games and fine chicken dinners. A graduate of Seattle University's Creative Writing and Journalism programs, he currently resides in Seattle, Washington where he reads, writes, plays video games and fights crime as a masked vigilante. Just don't tell anyone about that last part.

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By Riley Biehl, June 25, 2012 0 PC

Normally I’m a bit put off by announcements for upcoming announcements, but this past week Adult Swim put a promo stating that they are teaming up with Valve for “something that you’ll probably enjoy.” The promo features the mercenaries of Team Fortress 2,… Read More »

By Riley Biehl, June 19, 2012 0 , ,

Last October, gamers and comic fans were treated to Batman: Arkham City, one of the few comic book games (aside… Read More »

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