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I’ve been awaiting the release of this game for years. Seriously, I still play the original Tekken Tag Tournament on the PS2 in my office. And it’s still fun. I’ll even admit that my wife will see me playing TTT and ask, “Doesn’t this game get boring? It’s the same thing, over and over!” My response is always the same: “It’s fun! I’m beating people up!” Well this newest addition to the Tekken franchise is even more fun. Yes, some critics will say it’s more of the same, with a few flashy add-ons and new characters – which it is… but OH MAN! It is FUN!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Before I start describing the new characters and features, allow me to quickly describe the classic interface. I’ve always loved the interface for the Tekken series. I find it more natural than pretty much any other fighting game – DOA, VirtuaFighter, etc. It’s always been intuitive and easy to get the timing right for whatever move you’re trying to do. And, it’s still a little tricky to do some of the really fancy moves. To me, that a good thing – cool and powerful moves shouldn’t be too easy (*ahem* never mind Yoshimitsu’s straight stabbing attack that I tend to overuse *wink*). And, because this is a TAG tournament, it’s got the same character switch as the original TTT. So, if you like the Tekken interface, this game will be great. If you never liked it, you won’t like it again. There’s new moves and a few more fancy techniques (especially tag-out combos) to master, and once you find the ones you like, they’re easy to memorize.

The other thing that hasn’t changed is the timing and reactions for the characters and animations. They’ve really got it nailed down in this version. If you’re one of those people that likes to look up frame-by-frame shots of the fight animations, you’re probably in luck – I’m sure there will be a lot of them in the online Tekken forums. I tend not to use them directly (I like the old method of just playing until it becomes second nature), but to each his own.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

GAME NAME: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

DEVELOPER(S): Namco Bandai


PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

GENRE(S): Fighting

RELEASE DATE(S): September 11, 2012

One of the new interesting bits in Tekken fight mechanics is the ability to do 2 vs. 1 fights. As simple as it sounds, this simple feature can make for some very interesting matches. I used Law against a variety of teams and did pretty good. The lack of Tag Assault on my side, combined with their ability to use it, made it a very nice challenge. The other cool thing is that if you’re playing against someone that is WAY better than you, you now have a way to have a match with the possibility of you winning. 2 vs 1 works as a fight mechanic for both the really good players and the really bad players. I hadn’t thought that it would add that much to the game, but it really does.

All the original game modes are included: Arcade, Versus, Survival, Time Attack, and Team Battle. My personal favorite is still Survival. The more I play, the more I figure out which characters can dish out damage without taking as much. I’ve found that it’s mostly the quicker/responsive fighters that last longer in survival mode – if you can get away or interrupt a combo attack before you get hit too many times, you can last a lot longer in survival mode. The new Fight Lab mode is describe below, but it’s basically a cover for a story mode combined with a training mode.

New Characters

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 brings several new fighters into the ring. Pretty much every character in the Tekken universe is included in the game – your choices for partners and opponents is ENORMOUS. You have all the fighters from Tekken 6 as well as some new characters that are familiar to the Tekken universe (though, the story/characters don’t seem strictly cannon to the full anime and game universe).

You’ve got the same clan-based fighting as well, that can bring in the “Netsu” (aka Rage) features (see below), where fighter’s history comes into effect – if the characters hate each other, they tend to fight with more rage and thus do more damage. The interactions add to the skill required to play some interesting matches, but for me, it’s a little much. Now your character choices matter a little more. For me, when I was playing, I didn’t care all that much, and it didn’t seem to hurt my fight results. But, if you need that little extra edge, it might be worth it to get partners that like each other.

New Features

Netsu/Rage: As I already mentioned, this rage/netsu adds a bit to the game-play, but for as much as it helped, I didn’t keep rechecking my choices to see if they liked each other. For some of you, it will make the fights moreimmersive, because the character back story now matters a little bit.

Tag Assault and Tag Crash: A new feature that allows your partner to come into the fight in a cool way – not too fancy, but this leads to some great entrances. Tag Crash lets you jump from (and through) balconies and raised areas. This brings a little strategic planning into place when you’re planning to tag-in/out. This, combined with the team throws make for entertaining fights. The other Tag Assault combos are great and can do massive damage to your opponents.

Fight Lab: This starts off as what the old episode’s story mode. It’s also very helpful for new Tekken players to teach you the fancy combinations. It’s really like a souped-up training interface. It’s neat, but really focused on new players, or players that want to see some great match-ups. There is a traditional training interface for the complete beginners.

All these new features don’t ruin the traditional fighting that we’ve come to know and love. They add to the playability in just the right amounts.


Final Thoughts

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 does not let the franchise down. The first TTT was great, and this brings it an evolutionary step forward. It’s not revolutionary, and I’m completely okay with that – it is exactly what you think it is, with a few interesting bits added on. If you enjoy the Tekken games, you won’t want to miss this one. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be on my playlist for years to come. And hopefully TTT3 won’t take so long to be released.

If you’re looking for tips, tricks, and cheats, don’t forget to check our cheatcodes pages for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Allegiance Information

If the fighters on your team like each other, you can use their rage to do more damage earlier in the match.

Jin Kazama
Likes (+1): Nina
Dislikes (-1): Xiaoyu, Christie, Lee, Jack-6, Anna, Bruce, Raven, Jun
Hates (-2): Lei, Heihachi, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Zafina, Lars, Alisa, Jinpachi, Ogre

Heihachi Mishima
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Kuma, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Yoshimitsu, Steve, Jun
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Lee, Jack-6, Wang, Devil Jin, Jinpachi, Ogre

Kazuya Mishima
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Raven, Eddy
Hates (-2): Lei, Nina, Jin, Heihachi, Lee, Wang, Devil Jin, Zafina, Leo, Lars, Ogre, Jun

Jun Kazama
Likes (+1): Jin, Kuma, Roger Jr, Asuka, Panda
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Devil Jin, Ogre

Asuka Kazama
Likes (+1): Lei, Bob, Miguel, Leo
Dislikes (-1): Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Feng, Lili

Likes (+1): King, Marduk, Armor King
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Ganryu

Ling Xiaoyu
Likes (+1): Jin, Heihachi, Lee, Wang, Alisa, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Anna, Asuka, Lili, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Paul Phoenix
Likes (+1): Law, Bryan, Kazuya, Steve
Dislikes (-1): Kuma
Hates (-2): Ogre

Marshall Law
Likes (+1): Paul, Yoshimitsu, Steve
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Baek, Lili

Lei Wulong
Likes (+1): Steve, Mokujin, Wang, Asuka
Dislikes (-1): Nina, Bruce, Feng, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Marduk, Armor King
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Ogre

Armor King
Likes (+1): King, Jaycee
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Marduk

Nina Williams
Likes (+1): Jin, Eddy
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Christie, Steve, Lars
Hates (-2): Anna, Ogre

Anna Williams
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Bruce
Dislikes (-1): Jin, Eddy, Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina

Likes (+1): Jin, Baek
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Devil Jin

Bryan Fury
Likes (+1): Dragunov
Dislikes (-1): Jack-6, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Lei, Yoshimitsu, Heihachi

Lee Chaolan
Likes (+1): Wang, Lili, Lars, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Kazuya

Steve Fox
Likes (+1): Paul, Law, Lei, Nina
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi

Craig Marduk
Likes (+1): King, Jaycee
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Roger Jr, Armor King

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Kuma, Roger Jr, Panda
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Alisa, Jinpachi, Ogre, Jun

Likes (+1): Kazuya, Anna, Bruce
Dislikes (-1): Nina, Eddy, Lars, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Raven

Wang Jinrei
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Feng, Jinpachi, Jun
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Devil Jin

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Devil Jin
Dislikes (-1): Lili, Bob, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Bruce Irvin
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Anna
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Nina, Jin, Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Baek Doo San
Likes (+1): Hwoarang
Dislikes (-1): Jin
Hates (-2): Ogre

Likes (+1): Zafina
Dislikes (-1): Jin, Kazuya, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Yoshimitsu, Heihachi, Dragunov

Feng Wei
Likes (+1): Law, Wang, Jinpachi
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi

Sergei Dragunov
Likes (+1): Jack-6, Devil Jin
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Raven, Eddy, Lars

Lili Rochefort
Likes (+1): Kuma, Ganryu, Asuka, Leo
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Eddy, Lars, Alisa, Jinpachi, Jun

Christie Monteiro
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Eddy

Eddy Gordo
Likes (+1): Nina, Christie, Jin
Dislikes (-1): Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Likes (+1): Paul, Law, Jin, Ganryu, Miguel
Dislikes (-1): Steve, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Likes (+1): Wang, Raven
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Jinpachi, Ogre, Jun

Likes (+1): Kuma, Roger Jr, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Eddy, Bob, Lars,

Leo Kliesen
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Jaycee, Wang, Asuka, Feng, Lili
Dislikes (-1): Jack-6, Anna, Bruce, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Lars Alexandersson
Likes (+1): Lee, Wang, Raven, Zafina, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya

Alisa Boskonovitch
Likes (+1): Yoshimitsu, Jin, Lee, Jack-6, Raven, Zafina, Lars
Dislikes (-1): Xiaoyu, Ogre
Hates (-2): Bryan

Likes (+1): Roger Jr, Alisa
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Bryan, Ogre

Roger Jr.
Likes (+1): King, Yoshimitsu, Kuma, Steve, Mokujin, Armor King, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2):

Likes (+1): King, Heihachi, Mokujin, Roger Jr, Armor King, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Paul, Ogre
Hates (-2): Xiaoyu, Jin

Likes (+1): King, Xiaoyu, Jaycee, Lee, Mokujin, Roger Jr, Wang, Armor King, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Kuma

Devil Jin
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Heihachi, Kazuya, Asuka, Dragunov, Zafina, Ogre, Jun

Jinpachi Mishima
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Wang
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Devil Jin, Ogre

True Ogre
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Paul, Yoshimitsu
Hates (-2): Jin, Zafina, Jun

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