Diablo III Screenshots

Blizzard Entertainment recently released its long awaitedsequel to the super popular dungeon crawler series, Diablo 3. The game itself has been metwith rave reviews regarding its stylized gameplay, graphics, audio track, sustainability and just about anything else that happens in the game.

On another note, Blizzard upset hundreds of thousands of people when they found out that everyone is requiredto beconnected to the internet at all times when playing the game. Even as a single player! This has a lot to do with security as well as the games auction houses in which players can buy and sell items found in the game for in gamegold or real money, although the real money auctions have yet to bereleased at the time of this post. This requirement, along with a weak infrastructure, sent servers crashing and people waiting by their computers for hours for them to come back up. Not to mention those without a good internet connection at all might not even be able to play the game.

However the wave of early frustrations has subsided and the crashes are far and few between. The server downtimes are becoming shorter and less frequent as well. The game is definitely a must play for any RPG or dungeon crawler fanaticbutonly with a decent internet connection.

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