The Lord of the Rings Online Screenshots

Turbine has created a magnificent world in their epic free-to-play MMO, The Lord of the Rings Online. The developers at Turbine have created their world straight from Tolkienís description so that even the master writer could marvel at its beauty.

Whether you are traversing the grassy hill lands of the Shire, exploring the frozen tundra of Forochel, strolling with the elves in Rivendell, assisting the Dwarves in retaking Moria, or investigating any one of the other dozen areas available the mood and splendor of each resonates with every step.

The greatest part is that you can see all of Turbineís Middle Earth for free! Thatís right. Free! It costs absolutely nothing to venture through the lands and see what is in store for you. Albeit, only a few of the low level†lands are free to quest in and should you wish to quest in other areas they will need to be†unlocked using Turbine Points, or you can pay the VIP monthly subscription of $9.99. Turbine Points can be†earned in game†by completing deeds that are available in each land or can be purchased via the Turbine Store.

No matter whether you are the consummate explorer or a conquering questor, The Lord of the Rings has something for everyone and with no subscription fee or game to buy itís definitely one every MMORPG player should try.

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