Man of Steel Trailer (Movie)

Like the superhero movie “reboots” before it (Batman Begins, X-Men First Class, Amazing Spiderman), this one looks like it’s learned from some of the mistakes of its ancestors.

Obviously, there are video games already in the works based on this newest branch of the Superman movie franchise, but we thought the trailer wastantalizingand we think it will probably make your awesome sense tingle, just like it did ours.

Although, we didn’t see any glowing green Kryptonite in this trailer, and we keep looking for a Gene Hackman/Lex Luthor-esque cameo, this three-minute long HD trailer more than makes up for it, by giving us our first peek at Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Russel Crowe asJor-El, and Michael Shannon asGeneralZod. Spoiler alert: Zod’s yelling steals the spotlight in this trailer… and that’s got us thinking that it’s possible he’ll also steal the entire movie from the Man of Steel.

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  1. Johnna Rhodus November 22, 2013 at 1:04 am - Reply
    This movie was pretty good! I can’t wait to see what they introduce in the next movie,because we all know there’s going to be one! :)

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