XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Gameplay Walkthrough

Firaxis Games teamed up with 2K Games to produce the upcoming Strategy/RPG XCOM:Enemy Unknown. Set for release next month, there has been some large budgets and a lot of development time spent on the game (like over four years worth!).

In the video below, lead designer for XCOM:EU Jake Solomon takes you on a walkthrough of the game. You can see some of the game’s features that are reminiscent of the Civilization games, just with more action and directed strategy. The isometric action is an interesting way to approach the user interface – I think I’d like it, as most pure FPS shooters focus more on fast paced action and less on the story and strategy.

After watching the gameplay demo, I have a few questions about the pace of the game and if it can be continuously interesting, or if it becomes tedious. I suppose it will depend on the customization options and combat environments. In any case, the aliens look cool and the chance to play something uniquely different make it worthy of an upcoming review. XCOM: Enemy unknown will be released on October 9th and 12th for PC and Xbox 360/PS3. Check back here for a review and tips!

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