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Harry Potter 
the Chamber of secrets!

Game Faq

3.List of obtaniable items
5.The trading process
6.Mini Games

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1.Introduction-I have played and beat this game many times.I find that
whenever you play it for the second time it is always just as hard as
the last time u played it.For anyone who is looking for a game that will take some time to beat 
this is on of those types of games.I find this game to be enjoy though challenging.
1Harry Potter-Main charcter

2Ron Weasley-Harry best friend he is pretty helpful in battle

3Hermione Granger-Harrys Other best frend She doesn't do MUCH battling

4Draco Malfoy-Harry nemis

5Crabbe&Goyle-Malfoy's goons

6Proffesor Snape-Head of Slytherin house&potions teacher

7Proffesor Mgonagall-Head of Grryffindor&transfig teacher

8Proffesor Flitwick-Charms teacher

9Proffesor Sprout-Head of Hufflepuff house and Herbology teacher

10Proffesor Lockheart-The defnse aginst the dark arts teacher

11Ginny Weasley-She is one of the main charters.Also rons sister

12Fred&George Weasley-Rons brothers(they also run the student stores in the school)

13Mr.&Mrs.Weasley-Parents of rons

14Colin Creevey-an admerer of harrys

15Oliver Wood-He grryffindors quidditch team leaders

16Hagrid-HJe the games keeper but he alos helps you out in other ways

17Dumbledore-He the headmaster 

18Lucios Malfoy-He malfoys  father

19Griphook-He gringotts manager

20Diagon Alley Shop keepers-They sell you your school supplies 

21Katie Bell-Shes part of  a side quest

22The Fat Lady-She the guardian of grryffindor house

23Proffesor Binns-Hes the history of magic teacher

24Percy Weasley-He a PREFECT(yuck)

25Neville Longbottom-A very clumsy and forgetful grryffindor

26Madam Hooch-Shes the quidditch refferee

27Madam Pomfrey-she the nurse

28Argus Filch&Ms.Norris-The cartaker and his cat

29Tom Marvolo Riddle-He the dude in the diary
3List of obtainable items(still under construction)

4.Walkthrough-You start out in harry's room.You walk down to the bed and meet dobby.He tells you
"Harry Potter!Such an honor it is to meet you at last!Harry asks who are you he says.Just Dobby,
Dobby the house elf.He then says,I am only here to protect Harry Potter,to warn Harry Potter.
Harry Potter must not return to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.Harry say but I have
to go there.Dobby says There is a plot to make the most horrible things happen at hogwarts.Harry
potter must not put himself in that danger.Harry potter is to important.Than harry
asks who is going to do this.Dobby says Dobby has said to much dobby must punish himself
then leaves.Then ron shows up and tells harry to gather his school supplies.When he goes to his 
folio magi ron says there are two decks there but you can only bring one.Then you  chose from the 
morgan la fay deck or the merlin deck.My advice is to take merlins.Then you get in the car and 
fly back to the burrow.

The burrow-When you arrive at the door rons mom says I know already!She says how upset she
is with ron but is very pleased to see harry.Then you meet ginny.Then rons father arrives and
ron introduces harry to him.Then you go in for breakfest.Look around the yard before going
in though and youll find a wizard card.Then its time to head to bed.But look around the house 
first.Rons room is the top.When you reach the attic you will meet a ghoul.He will says chains.
After leaving the attic go back down to the kitchen and over to the sink.There youll find ghoul
chains return tham to the ghoul in the attic and he will give you a famous wizard card.
Then you go down to rons room to go to bed.In the morning rons mother tells ron that he needs 
to de-gnome the garden.He agrees and asks you if you would like to help.So you go outside
and de-gnome the garden.Then when you go back in you go to the living room.This is were you use
floo-powder.Ron gives you some floo powder and you step into the fire and say"Dia-cough 
cough-diagon alley.Then you arrive in knockturn alley.When you step out of the fire you hear
someone coming in and you hide.then you hear malfoy and his father talking about selling 
something.After they finish you come out from your hiding place.I suggest looking around 
knockturn alley before running in to hagrid and going to diagon alley.

5The trading Procces

1.Football Card-misprinted wendlynn the weird card

2Misprinted Wenndlynn the weird card-baby spider

3Baby spider-spiked collar

4Spiked collar-Picture of Proffesor Lockhart

5Picture of Proffessor Lockhart-flashlight


7Hermonica-self blowing whistle

8self blowing whistle-dragonskin robe

6Mini games 

1Throw the gnomes

2Grab the gnomes

3Grab the pixies

4fly the ford angelina

5Flitwicks boogaloo

6Headless bowling

7Transfig challenge


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