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Just when you thought the Transformers re-incarnation was going to thankfully fade back into geekdomfor another 20 years, High Moon Studios announces its plansfor yet another video game to ride the back of this trend. Could this be the game that sends the Transformers off with a bang, or will it be the nail in the coffin of a quickly declining fad?

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High Moon Studios has taken an ambitious approach in developing the next Transformers video game titledTransformers: Fall of Cybertron.The studio enlisted the help of several of the voices from the original cartoon series to add to the authenticity, and Peter Della Penna, Studio Head at High Moon Studios, has stated: “This is the definitive Transformers video game, and we absolutely had to have these iconic voices onboard in order tell this story. Because it’s an origins story, we were able to explore some of the coolest characters in the lore… and then go after the best and most authentic voice talent possible to do the franchise right.”

Some of the voice talent recruited will be: Peter Cullen (OPTIMUSPRIME), Nolan North (BRUTICUS, CLIFFJUMPERand BRAWL), Troy Baker (JAZZ, JETFIREand KICKBACK), Fred Tatasciore(MEGATRON, RATCHET and METROPLEX), Steve Blum (SHOCKWAVE, SWINDLE and SHARPSHOT), and Isaac Singleton (SOUNDWAVE).

In the game, players will be able to play both the Autobotsand Decepticonsup until their massive exodus from their home planet of Cybertron.Players will also be able to create their own characters and go head to head with others and that the customization will be the largest to date.

The estimated release date for the game is October 2012and it will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, Windows PC and will have a rating of “T” for Teen.

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