The Art of Journey

The Art of Journey

If you haven’t played Journey (PS3), you’re missing out on a future classic. The gameplay and concept are original and they’re combined with some of the most impressive and responsive graphics and interactive music, making the game a commercial and critical success. The art direction for Journey is so impressive, Sony is working with ThatGameCompany to release a book called “The Art of Journey.”

The book, with a planned release next month, is designed and written by Matt Nava. Nava was the game’s Art Director. The book shows not only images and concept art, but describes the processes the designers used to come up with the final visual aspects of the game. The various deserts and locations enhance how the story’s emotion gets developed. I can say that when I played the game, the visuals and sound were intense, but I hadn’t even begun to consider all the aspects involved in the creation of the game. The video below includes some of the details about what the book contains. For example, I didn’t even consciously realize that you never see blue sky until the end of the game. Wow. It’s a great game and I’m looking forward to this book.

You can read more about the announcement on Sony’s blog. If you’re looking for Journey cheats and trophies, has them.

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