PSA: Rain-Slicked Precipice of Darkness 3 Free Today Only


In celebration of announcing June 7th as the release date for On the Rain-Slicked Precipice of Darkness 4, the fine fellows at Penny Arcade are giving away free download codes for Precipice 3. Simply fly on over to Penny Arcade’s site, enter the captcha to prove your sentience, and they will deliver unto you a Steam download code, ongoing until either 11:59 PM tonight or so long as supplies last, so hop on it in a hurry.

Released by Zeboyd Games, the old-school RPG obsessed indie developers behind Breath of Death IV and Cthullu Saves the World, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slicked Precipice of Darkness 3 was the game that was never supposed to have happened. After the guys from Penny Arcade had turned out the first two installments with developer Hothead Games, PA wordsmith Jerry Holkins declared the series dead as it became too difficult to keep writing the game in the midst of all the other Penny Arcade ventures. Zeboyd came to the rescue, giving the series and unexpected facelift and breathing fresh life into the series, which has flourished as a 16-bit era styled top-down RPG.

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