Cheats For a Price – ModNation Racers adds DLC Codes

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Sony is introducing some downloadable content (DLC) for ModNation Racers that is basically a cheat code. The DLC gives you “Career Unlock All Key”, which you can purchase from the PlayStation Store. After you purchase, it does the same thing that “Unlock All” codes have done for years – unlocks everything.

So, instead of being a free thing you may need to complete the game, you now have to pay $3. Yup, three whole bucks. No, it’s not a lot, and yes, you could earn all these items by playing for days straight – but seriously? Charging for unlocks? The “C” in DLC is for “Content” – and you’re not downloading it – you’re just paying to have the content you already purchased, made available.

I hope other games don’t start adopting this strategy. If you’re selling new CONTENT, I don’t mind paying – it’s your job, you need to get paid for your work. But please don’t start doing this with other games. I can see GTA IV or Saints Row starting to cost thousands of dollars…

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