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Steve Cook is co-founder and CTO of A true old-skool gamer, he's as comfortable blowing away Space Invaders and Asteroids as he is coding in C, Java, or PHP. He currently lives in New Mexico... which is cleaner than Old Mexico.

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By Steve Cook, September 7, 2012 0

Firaxis Games teamed up with 2K Games to produce the upcoming Strategy/RPG XCOM:Enemy Unknown. Set for release next month, there has been some large budgets and a lot of development time spent on the game (like over four years worth!)…. Read More »

By Steve Cook, September 6, 2012 0 General News, Sale

The already released Crysis games (Crysis, Crysis: Warhead, and Crysis 2) are on sale this weekend on Steam! They’re 75%-off at only $5 for the first two, and $10 for Crysis 2. And if you want all three, you can… Read More »

By Steve Cook, September 5, 2012 0 Announcements, General News

Gather round all you Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss! The Heart of the Swarm expansion pack is going into live beta RIGHT NOW! Blizzard announced it a few hours ago on the StarCraft II blog. The beta program is for multi-player… Read More »

By Steve Cook, September 5, 2012 0

Tomorrow (Sept. 6th) is the release day for the first iPhone/Android game in the Avengers series. And to get ready for the release, Marvel released a launch trailer featuring Hulk. It’s available from your phone’s online store for $6.99. The… Read More »

By Steve Cook, September 3, 2012 0 Features, General News, Meta

If you ever want to see the current status of the game industry, just play one of the big budget games from the small group of big-time gamer publishers. But if you want a peek at the future of gaming,… Read More »

By Steve Cook, August 31, 2012 4 , ,

I’ve been a fan of therhythmgenre since the first Guitar Hero was available way back at the end of 2005…. Read More »

By Steve Cook, August 28, 2012 1 Features, Opinions

With all the lousy games based on even less entertaining movies and TV shows, why isn’t there a Breaking Bad Video Game? There’s so much drama, conflict, and action in the series that a great game practically writes itself. Here are my thoughts on what would make a great game.