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Steve Cook is co-founder and CTO of A true old-skool gamer, he's as comfortable blowing away Space Invaders and Asteroids as he is coding in C, Java, or PHP. He currently lives in New Mexico... which is cleaner than Old Mexico.

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By Steve Cook, August 28, 2012 2

Bethesda announced the release date for it’s Skyrim DLC entitled “Hearthfire” as September 4th. This add-on isn’t free though; it will set you back 400 Microsoft points for the Xbox 360 version.

By Steve Cook, August 27, 2012 0 General News

If you haven’t played Journey (PS3), you’re missing out on a future classic. The gameplay and concept are original and they’re combined with some of the most impressive and responsive graphics and interactive music, making the game a commercial and… Read More »

By Steve Cook, August 26, 2012 1 Game Help, General News

Are there really cheat codes for Netflix? Well, it won’t get you a free account or free DVD’s, but apparently you can remove your Xbox 360 from your Netflix account with a cheat code.

By Steve Cook, August 25, 2012 1

Microsoft has just released a new live-action trailer for the upcoming Halo 4 and its promotional web series. Watching the video reminds me of the start of the iconic movie Full Metal Jacket. If they’re trying to put that much… Read More »

By Steve Cook, August 24, 2012 1

Dead Space 3 is set for official release in Febuary of next year, but it must be coming along nicely because the Visceral Games just released some more screenshots. These add a bit more detail to the images the released a few months ago at E3.

By Steve Cook, August 23, 2012 0 DLC, Game Help

Valve’s done it again. Episode 4 in the Counter-Strike Series is a fun and entertaining online multiplayer FPS release. It’s got the classic old maps you’re all familiar with, as well nicely thought out new maps. In addition to the… Read More »

By Steve Cook, August 23, 2012 0 General News

I was cruising the web this afternoon looking for interesting Mario or Luigi tidbits – anything to give me some insight in the upcoming WiiU titles and possible release titles. Anyway, I came across an interesting image. The Super Mario… Read More »