Cheat Codes for Laser Shark Dogs

Laser Shark Dogs

Back in December, Spike’s Video Game Awards show was running a promo/commercial with Neil Patrick Harris (@actuallyNPH). He was hosting the show and doing commercials for it. During the spot, he listed a couple games that were up for awards and under development, including Laser Shark Dogs with People Hands.

It wasn’t a real game, but you know what, I think it should be.  What could be better than a shark-dog hybrid with lasers AND people hands!? So, I added an Xbox 360 version of the game to our game database, and included some cheat codes, hints, etc.  Of course, they’re all made up, but that’s okay, because the game doesn’t exist.  The logo is a shark body, dog head, giving a thumbs-up – honestly, what could be better than that?

Now that the game is added to and, I think it needs more quality content. If you think of anything funny to add, just go to the page on CheatCodes, and submit the content. If it’s funny, we’ll add it to the game’s details.

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