Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Awards

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Valve’s done it again. Episode 4 in the Counter-Strike Series is a fun and entertaining online multiplayer FPS release. It’s got the classic old maps you’re all familiar with, as well nicely thought out new maps. In addition to the maps, you’ve now got more weapons and equipment to purchase. We’ll hopefully add a detailed review soon – so check back on CheatCodes Extra! in the coming days.

Our content monkeys also added the trophies/achievements/Steam achievements for the game. They’re available on the pages for XBox 360, PS3, and PC. Some of my favorites include “Blind Fury” - I think because of my familiarity with the Rutger Hauer movie of the same name, and “Eye-to-Eye,” - just because I tend to appreciate the sniper classes and their skills. Check them out.

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