Pokemon White and Black Release

The newest game in the very popular Pokémon series was released today. The storyline follows the same popular pattern as all of the previous games. A young new trainer travels from town to town to battle gym leaders and other trainers.

The updates come in with the enemies, trainers, the new Pokémon, and new battle options.

Pokemon White Version

Team Plasma will appear throughout the game in the same way Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, and Galactic etc.  did in in the previous games. The team’s main purpose seems to be providing a consistent challenge and attempting to slow the progress of you, the trainer. Team Plasma is led by “N”, who seems to replace rival Gary from the early games.

The gym leaders will be new characters but have the same basic purpose as a checkpoint. Before advancing to the next gym or level the previous leader must be defeated.

Nintendo claims to have more than 150 never before seen Pokémon, including the two legendaries: Reshiram and Zekrom.

Reshiram is the new white Pokémon on the cover of Pokémon: Black version. He is a dragon-fire type.

Zekrom is the new black Pokémon on the cover of Pokémon: White version. He is a dragon-electric Pokémon.

The rest of the new Pokémon are listed on this link:  http://bit.ly/dVnNJG

The new battle options are known as triple battle, rotation battle, and random matchups.

  • Triple Battle: Three on three Pokémon matchups
  • Rotation Battle: each opponent chooses three Pokémon. Only one Pokémon from each side is battling at any given time, but players can choose to rotate another Pokémon into action during their turn.
  • Random Matchups: Online mode that enables player around the world to battle.

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