A Treasure Trove of PAX Previews: Ubisoft

Rayman Legends

So PAX is currently in full swing and I just spent several hours bouncing from one game demo display to another, and now my feet hurt. Mini previews ahoy!

Rayman Legends

My first stop was of course to the Ubisoft displays, being the drooling Ubisoft fangirl I am. After playing Rayman Origins and basking in its resplendent beauty (it was pretty fun to play, too), I was eager to try out the Wii U installment of what I hope will be a long-lived series.

Legends looks and feels pretty much exactly like Origins, which is okay with me. Because, like I said before, resplendence. The Wii U version makes itself different by utilizing the console’s GamePad in multiplayer mode. While 1-4 players run around and punch bad guys in the face and collect lums, a fifth player can use the GamePad to control Murphy and help out players by turning lums pink and holding down baddies. What I didn’t realize before I played Legends is that what seemed like a feature that would be reserved for the least-liked friend will be required to play at least some sections of the game.

The young fellow I was paired with used the GamePad to cut ropes and move platforms to give me access to necessary areas. He also was required to physically rotate the GamePad in order to turn over logs that were spiked on one side or help me navigate spikey mazes. Doing this with a stranger was not great, as I had to resist the urge to boss him around and this resulted in my dying quite a few times. Luckliy the demo ended with one of those don’t-stop-running segments, which was as smooth as it was epic. Bouncy brains and fire tunnels.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

I think he may be about to shoot somebody.

I think he may be about to shoot somebody.

While I was in line for the Rayman Legends demo, I was treated to a gameplay demo of the new Splinter Cell. The segment took place in some generic third-world village, which was mostly shades of green and brown, and there was a lot of sneaking going on.

One new element that we were treated to was some not-so-stealthy dog killing. I imagine that the introduction of dogs to the series will be a fair challenge (read: huge pain) for players, since it’s a lot harder to hide from dogs than humans. As I watched, the player shot the dog’s master and was immediately subjected to a mauling. The player then mashed X to loosen the dog’s grip on his arm and then give it a stern punch to the throat, rendering the animal unconscious (read: dead).

After killing the dog, the player proceeded to a church door, on which he placed something red and blinking. As the device beeped, the player sneaked around to the side of the building and climbed up to a stained glass window. The explosion sounded, and the player burst through the window to face a group of enemies who were all facing the wrong was, and then they were dead. I have to admit, I was amused.

After I finished Rayman Legends, I waited in the very long line for the Assassin’s Creed III gameplay demo. All done for you, faithful reader. Expect a full preview of that later.

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