PAX Prime 2012: New Assassin’s Creed III Details

Assassin's Creed III: Naval Warfare

Reporting direct from the Washington State Convention Center, fresh out of the massive awesome shiny Assassin’s Creed III panel, your reporter has the newest, juiciest details about one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Lead Game Designer Steven Masters and one of his fellow developers sat down in front of a huge audience to answer some of the biggest questions that have been burning in your mind all year. Such as, “Will you be able to ride a bear?”

No, says Masters, but the game will contain what they call a “baiting system” for the animals. One can presume that this is mostly used for hunting purposes. Only one thing has been confirmed: You will be able to lure bears into British patrols. Awesome.

The panel kicked off with the “Naval Warfare” trailer, depicting a massive new element that has been added to AC III. If you liked cannons on walls, you’ll love cannons on boats. It sounds like the naval sections will make up a significant section of the game. Masters talked about how the decision to add ship combat to the game was made, citing the importance of the navy in the rebel victory of the war. Still, including it in AC III was “an enormous risk for us,” says Masters.

The second risk they took was continuing to stick to historical accuracy by leaving out the large, compact cities of the previous games, which eliminates much of the city-based parkour that we all love. According to Masters, switching to tree-based parkour was another huge step for the series, and one that involved a lot of work.

“We can free run in trees. Just that one sentence there involves so many people.”

However, Masters assured us that the assassin’s movement is just as smooth, calling his foot and hand placement “incredibly accurate.”

Looks like a pelt on legs. With teeth.

Looks like a pelt on legs. With teeth.

Some more interesting tidbits include the NPC interactions. Instead of largely ignoring you or inserting the occasional snide comment, townspeople will greet you as you walk by. It’s nice to be appreciated. The guards, on the other hand, will be more aggressive. To balance that, there will be more mechanisms to allow you to effectively run and hide from pursuers. Masters also promised that the spoils you obtain from hunting will not be simply decorative. When asked if the items will be used in trade or fashioning gear, he replied, “A little from column A, a little from column B.”

Fans were also thrilled to find out that Mr. Desmond Miles will see some honest-to-goodness combat in AC III. Whether it will be more extensive than the brief segment in AC II is not clear, but it sounds like he will definitely get more action than he did in the last two games.

Lastly, kudos to the gentlemen who made the parkour video, displayed at the PAX panel a week before it will be released to the public via YouTube. The video shows a young man dressed as an assassin risking life and limb to entertain us with his awesomeness to cool music. Be sure to keep an eye out for that.

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