Greatest Video Game Commercial Ever?

While I was surfing “teh interwebs” today, I saw a link proclaiming that a certain video was the greatest gaming commercial of all time.

I was, of course, skeptical, but then I started trying to think of what I thought was the actual best commercial, and the best I could come up with were some of the old “banned” XBox HALO commercials. They were entertaining and good, but they weren’t mind-blowing or amazing – just good commercials.

I clicked the link to the video below, and watched. Sure enough, I have to concur – that is the best video game commercial I’ve ever seen. To Michael!

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Steve Cook is co-founder and CTO of A true old-skool gamer, he's as comfortable blowing away Space Invaders and Asteroids as he is coding in C, Java, or PHP. He currently lives in New Mexico... which is cleaner than Old Mexico.

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  1. emergent June 24, 2013 at 12:05 pm - Reply
    I just read that “Mexico” means ‘navel of the moon’ and perhaps a new navel of the moon is cleaner than an old one. nThis commercial really is pretty epic, btw.

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