Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

The open world genre is one of the most popular when it comes to gaming as it allows us to explore the game and its immense world in any way we want, giving us the feeling that we are under control at all times. While the GTA series is the one that brought the fame to this genre, other games such as Watch Dogs try to do the same, only this time we play the role of a hacker that seeks revenge after his niece is killed by accident.

In Watch Dogs you can explore a virtual Chicago freely, from a third person perspective. You can choose to navigate the world by foot or with the aid of a vehicle and there are a plethora of missions from which you can choose. You can choose to be with the law or against it. This type of freedom is what makes Watch Dogs an amazing experience and a great game.

As you can imagine, Watch Dogs comes with a lot of achievements. Some of them can easily be earned by following the main story of the game, such as Hello World, Read-Only or Power Cycle. On the other hand, most achievements can be earned by performing different actions in the game, such as escaping 15 police scans (White Rabbit Object), tagging 100 enemies (Bookmarked), completing any investigation (They Call Him The Vigilante) or unlocking every ctOS Tower (Clear Signals).

There are some secret achievements that unlock while completing each act of the game (from a total of 5) and also a bonus one for which you gain 15 gamer score. The highest gamer score (which is 100) can be achieved by completing the game while unlocking every skill in the skills tree. The latter can be quite hard to do and it does take a large amount of play-time to get it.

You can gain the Tommy Gun bonus weapon by finding all the QR codes which are needed to unlock the QR Code investigation mission. Once you complete the mission the gun will be unlocked for you.

You can also unlock new vehicles. The special vehicle is the Vespid LE and it can be unlocked by collecting all eight hidden burner phones scattered all over Chicago.

You can reveal all collectibles by unlocking all the 13 ctOS towers that can be found on the map. Each of these towers will also unlock a fast travel point for you, which can be used at any given time.

The game also brings you different perks and bonuses that you can easily unlock while playing. For example, you can get a precious ATM hack boost simply by completing the Palace Pack mission. This reward is very important as it automatically increases the amount of cash you get when you hack an ATM.

But wait! There’s more! For completing the same mission you will also receive an Investigation bonus that will bring new investigative opportunities.

Watch Dogs is a game of a massive scale that brings you numerous opportunities as you play it. From intense police chases to great missions, there

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