Logic in GTA IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

I saw a meme today that made me laugh. It was about the healing logic/methods used in video games. This particular meme was for GTA, but it might as well be for any game ever made that allows healing a character. The meme was:

Ah, now I'm all better.

Ah, now I’m all better.

And that made me laugh, because that’s true, funny, and ridiculous all at the same time. It’s like saying that lying down on a medkit for a few seconds in Battlefield will fix up all those wounds you got from being shot in the face, or that a magic mushroom makes you invincible for a little while. It’s always been that way with games, but I think there’s a good reason – do you realize how boring it would be to have to wait to get fixed up? How much time it would take to find surgeons to repair the damage and then have to go to physical therapy while your virtual body healed?

That would be one seriously boring game.

So, it’s funny and crazy, but in the sense of the actual GAME PLAY, it is logical. It makes the game much more fun and keeps the pace going. I for one appreciate what the game designers did to keep the challenge going without resorting to some other inane tactic. It’s fun and I like it. Don’t you?


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