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While shooters are surely the gaming genre with the highest popularity, we haven’t really seen that much innovation in the latest years, since especially the major players such as Battlefield and Call of Duty have always kept their original setting and only slightly changed the gameplay.

This year though we are going to receive something a little different from Battlefield, as we will be able to enjoy Battlefield Hardline sometime this fall, a spin-off on the original Battlefield formula that pits us in a battle between cops and criminals. From what we know at this point, it seems that the game will have both a singleplayer and multiplayer mode in which player can take the role of any side they want.

Just like in any Battlefield game, teamwork is really important in Hardline as well, as this will allow you to defeat the enemy a lot easier. Actually, this new title places a lot of emphasis on tactical coordination, which you need to use if you want to successfully engage and destroy the enemy forces.

The current leaks suggest that we will be able to play various game modes such as Hotwire and Heists, which bring lots of action packed moments to the table. In addition, it also seems that we will have access to numerous special vehicles which include motorcycles, cruisers and helicopters. It’s said that Hardline will bring fewer vehicles than a normal Battlefield game, which is completely understandable if we take into account the scope and purpose of this new installment. Within it, we will be able to discover a newer, interesting world of crime where we can interact with our friends and compete against people all over the world.

Teamwork and cooperation seem to be the key in Hardline and this is surely amazing as there aren’t that many good co-op and tactical shooters with a large multiplayer base.

What’s really interesting is the fact that Hardline seems to have a lot more emphasis on the single-player mode, something that surely had to suffer in the earlier Battlefield games. Yes, this franchise is more about multiplayer fun than anything else, but at times we do want to engage into the battles on our own, and with a solid singleplayer campaign we can surely do that.

It seems that we will play the role of Nick Mendoza, a cop that’s caught between his own ideas of right and wrong. He will embark on a quest to defeat his former colleagues that betrayed him. As you can see, Hardline seems to bring an amazing gameplay and a complete experience. Hopefully the Visceral team will deliver on its promise of giving us a complete SWAT simulation where you can be either a criminal or a cop.

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