By Riley Biehl, June 25, 2012 0 PC

Normally Iím a bit put off by announcements for upcoming announcements, but this past week Adult Swim put a†promo†stating that they are teaming up with Valve for “something that youíll probably enjoy.Ē The promo features the mercenaries of†Team Fortress 2,… Read More »

By Jerrime Castle, June 20, 2012 0 General News

Just when you thought the Transformers re-incarnation was going to thankfully fade back into geekdom†for another 20 years, High Moon Studios announces its plans†for yet another video game to ride the back of this trend. Could this be the game… Read More »

By Nick McDonald, June 20, 2012 0 Previews

With E3 came our first look at some of the upcoming titles for Nintendo’s Wii U launch later this holiday season. Of course, the first thing every Nintendo system launch needs (whether it gets it or not) is a Mario… Read More »

By Steve Jenkins, June 19, 2012 1 Meta†is proud to announce the latest addition to our award-winning website: EXTRA! Don’t worry, we always have been (and always will be) the web’s #1 destination for video game cheats, tips, hints, unlocks, achievements, FAQs, and more… but in… Read More »

By Nick McDonald, June 5, 2012 0 General News

Thursday afternoon, Activision Blizzard announced that they had come to a settlement with gaming’s War of the Roses, the Infinity Ward law suit. †The terms of the settlement are being kept confidential, but Activision claims that they don’t expect the… Read More »

By Nick McDonald, June 5, 2012 0 General News

Good news for fans of hardcore rogue-like Demonís Souls, as last Friday ATLUS announced that they were going to cancel their plans to shut down their North American servers at the end of the month. Originally slated to shut down… Read More »

By Nick McDonald, May 24, 2012 1 General News

Capcom Announces Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection and Tournament As though this fall didn’t have enough quality titles threatening to turn us all into hermits already, fans of the Street Fighter franchise are about get an early Christmas on September… Read More »