By Steve Cook, August 23, 2012 0 General News

I was cruising the web this afternoon looking for interesting Mario or Luigi tidbits – anything to give me some insight in the upcoming WiiU titles and possible release titles.  Anyway, I came across an interesting image. The Super Mario… Read More »

By Lindsey Weedston, August 22, 2012 0 DLC

Rockstar games just released a few interesting bits of information on the upcoming Max Payne 3 DLC Disorganized Crime, the most compelling of which is that it will cost nothing. The new multiplayer DLC, to be released on August 28,… Read More »

By Lindsey Weedston, August 22, 2012 0 General News

After over a year of eerie silence, Undead Labs is beginning to release more information about their zompocalypse-themed third person shooter, State of Decay. State of Decay is another sandbox-style survival horror in which you must use the resources available… Read More »

By Lindsey Weedston, August 21, 2012 2 General News, Rumors

After 24 years of loyally appearing in gamer mailboxes, Nintendo Power has finally tanked. An anonymous source broke the news to Ars Technica today, marking the end of one of the oldest gaming magazines in history. This isn’t entirely surprising… Read More »

By Steve Jenkins, August 21, 2012 0 Announcements, Rumors

We just got word from Nintendo that on September 13, 2012, they’ll be hosting a Wii U preview event in New York. We don’t know many more details than that, but we can only assume that after that event, we’ll… Read More »

By Pat Holloway, August 21, 2012 0 Features

About three days ago, I received a memo from upstairs. I was told I was getting a new responsibility. “Great!” I said in the meeting that followed.  “Does that mean you guys will start paying me?” “Nope,” The suits told… Read More »

By Lindsey Weedston, August 17, 2012 0 General News

Indie gaming studio newbie Lunar Software has just announced the latest in space-related hardcore survival horror—Routine. Routine, while having a seemingly unremarkable title, promises some innovative and intriguing survival gameplay. The website describes the game as “a first person horror… Read More »