Perma Death Fad Continues with State of Decay

State of Decay

After over a year of eerie silence, Undead Labs is beginning to release more information about their zompocalypse-themed third person shooter, State of Decay.

State of Decay is another sandbox-style survival horror in which you must use the resources available to get by in a world where most people have become zombies. This game stands out, however, by introducing a form of perma death in its gameplay. Players will be expected to join forces with other survivors to build safe havens and go on raids. Should the player die, that particular character will remain dead. However, you will then be able to take over one of the NPCs and continue your game, making survival important but not super important.

Since your ability to continue the game depends on the size of your group, social skills are a big deal in State of Decay.”You are responsible for not just yourself, but for the whole community of survivors that you gather,” says Undead Labs developer Phinney, “By and large, it’s up to you whether or not you rescue other people, and it’s up to you to earn their trust.”

The strength of the community is not just based on how many survivors you gather. Each NPC has different skills and strengths to contribute, as well as their own unique weaknesses.”Your strategy is up to you, but your best bet is to gather together a good mix of survivors … More than anything, you need to find someone you can count on. Someone who can watch your back.” It sounds as though this will be a game that is impossible to beat alone. Characters can die from accidents and diseases as well as zombie bites.

No release date has been set for this title, which is expected to be released for the PC and Xbox 360. More details, as well as screenshots and the new trailer can be found at the Undead Labs website.

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