The Ohio State University Marching Band “Plays” Video Games

ohio band

Normally, marching bands and video games don’t really mix. For example, there’s no “half-time” mode in NCAA Football 2013 that lets you take control of the school’s marching band and tell it what to play and where to go. But thanks to The Ohio State University Marching Band, you really don’t have to. This is the video game themed half-time show you’d want to see every single time.

During the October 6, 2012 half-time show of the Ohio State University vs. Nebraska football game, here’s what the Buckeye’s marching band threw down:

Mad props to the Ohio State University Marching Band, and thanks to handmrow gobucksfor the YouTube upload!

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Steve Jenkins is co-founder of and Editor-in-Chief of EXTRA! He grew up playing Atari and arcade games in the 1980s and collects vintage arcade cabinets and pinball machines in his basement near Seattle, Washington.

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