No Guinness Records for Cheaters…

I was cruising through today’s headlines at 24/7 Gamer News and saw a link to Wired’s Game|Life. The article examines ten records you didn’t know about – basically The Guinness Book or World Records has records for video games, and apparently there’s a lot of them that aren’t well known.

It’s tradition in our family to get the Guinness Book every year (usually at Costco, for somebody’s present – but we all read it). And the video game section is one that we always check first. This year has some new entries, and like Wired mentioned, I didn’t know about them (or probably I did, but completely forgot about them).

They started with “First Game to have an Officially Recognized Day”, which is Civilization V – which happens to be one of my favorite games too. I’m not sure I’d count that as a record – something that is “First to…” isn’t ever a record that can be broken – I think it’s a statistic and not a “record”. But I don’t publish yearly books, so what does my opinion matter… :)

Anyway, the article goes on to describe several other interesting factoids (okay, “Records”), such as:

  • First fired for playing Farmville (I’d personally fire anyone for playing Farmville at work too).
  • Video game to use the most “F—” words in a game (It’s Mafia II, in case you were f#*ing wondering…)
  • And the “saddest”, Most Expensive Virtual Property (Some guy paid the equivalent of $330k for electronic property – kookoo…)

The whole list is available on Wired’s Game|Life.

I wonder if they’re ever going to make one for “Biggest Cheater” or “First person to never finish a game without ever cheating.”

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