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Planes Go In Hangars

Don’t try parking a plane in a garage. It just won’t work. Instead, you’ll need to land and drive (the technical term is “taxi”) your purchased or stolen plane to a hangar. Once it’s there, it’s saved. Trevor is the only character who’s lucky enough to get a hangar by default, in Sandy Shores. Franklin and Michael will need to purchase their own hangars for (gulp) $1.3 million dollars (actually, it’s $1,378,000 to be exact). They’ll need to purchase their hangars from the Los Santos Int’l Airport (Michael always gets Hangar 18, and Franklin will always be his next-door neighbor with Hangar 19). But the bonus for shelling out all the cash is that you can also park tanks in your hangars. There was a glitch reported just after GTA 5′s release that some stolen planes may not save to hangars all the time, so be careful stashing your stolen goods. We’re confident that Rock Star has a patch on the way.

You can store your planes in your hangar, as well as your tanks!

You can store your planes in your hangar, as well as your tanks!

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