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Helicopters Go On Helipads

If you buy or steal a helicopter, you’re going to need a helipad to store it. Trevor (who seems to get all the cool stuff in Grand Theft Auto 5) already owns a helipad at his hangar in Sandy Shores… along with the spendiest helicopter in the game already saved there (score!). Michael and Franklin will have to save their pennies, however, since they’ll each need to purchase their own helipads at Vespucci for a whopping $419,850 a pop! Once you purchase or steal a helicopter, you’ll need to land it on your helipad and leave it there for a bit before it’s saved to your inventory.

What's better than a bachelor pad? It's a Grand Theft Auto 5 helipad!

What’s better than a bachelor pad? It’s a Grand Theft Auto 5 helipad!

Have you got a favorite vehicle or vehicle storage location in Grand Theft Auto V? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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    so great!!! game!!!! see yah!!! GTA V…..nncan’t WAIT!!! :D :D :D
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    sweet 3d scenes
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