NBA 2k14 Space Jam Mod

NBA 2K14 Space Jam

We stumbled across this NBA 2K14 video today, and we just couldn’t help but share.

For those among our visitors who are too young to remember, NBA players used to actually be cool. So cool, that they wouldn’t care if they looked uncool by appearing in a Looney Toons movie.

And for those who are too young to remember Looney Toons, that’s what Saturday mornings used to be all about, for those of us who grew up playing our video games on an Atari 2600, now you will be able to play it from your computer you just need tovisit the website and start playing.

Anyway, way back in 1996, NBA superstar Michael Jordan appeared in a movie called Space Jam. The plot of the movie basically forced Michael to team up with Looney Tunes characters to play basketball against some aliens to save the earth.

Fast forward to today. NBA 2k14 is one of the hottest video games out there, and our NBA 2K14 cheats are among our most popular pages. So of course, we were floored when we came across this video of a Space Jam mod from a YouTube user named MkEliteWorksX for NBA 2K14 that apparently allows you to play as the Space Jam movie characters:

Creepy? Kinda… Awesome? Definitely. We could watch MJ alley-oop to Bugs Bunny all day!


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