Ten Video Games Viewed from a Different Perspective


Sometimes a change of perspective can changeeverything and that even applies to video games! So when we across this on 9GAG, we couldn’t help but share. :)

  • In Skyrim you’re a psychotic mass murderer who doesn’t leave any cave, fort, or ruin until every last living this inside is dead.
  • In Call of Duty you’re the literal god of war, slaying thousands of enemies, healing from bullet wounds in seconds, and resurrecting after death.
  • In Super Mario you’re a vengeful plumber, destroying the homes of countless meandering creatures because your girlfriend left you for a turtle.
  • In Portal you’re an insolent, unstable lab rat, insistent on disrupting perfectly good science.
  • In Grand Theft Autoyou’re the most violent criminal in the history of the world who can never die in intensive care and who keeps paying the police to let him out with all his weapons.
  • InThe Legend of Zelda you’re a delusional adventurer who thinks the best way to save the world is to break people’s pots, hack their chickens, and then go fishing.
  • InUncharted you’re a racist murderer who will kill entire countries worth of brown people so that you can get to a lost ancient city you will then proceed to destroy.
  • In Pokemonyou’re sadist who enslaves local wildlife and forces them to fight each other for amusement and cash.
  • In Saints Row you’re a kind-hearted buffoon who goes around brightening people’s day as you run around topless while beating gang members with a giant dildo bat.
  • In Mass Effect you’re a dirtbag who thinks the salvation of the galaxy is found inside each of your crew member’s pants.

Got your own funny perspective on a video game? Share it in the comments!

(via 9GAG)


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