8-Bit Phone Wallpapers

Super Mario

We found some awesome iPhone/Android wallpapers (for the Lock Screen AND matching Background) made by LeapYourBar over on Reddit (he posted them there) and he did an awesome job! I’ve got the Super Mario on my phone right now, but I’m thinking about switching over to the Space Invader, just because it’s so classic and the color combination works well.

So, to make them easier for our CheatCodes readers to find, I added the gallery right here. To use them on your phone, click on the image you like (the ones below link to the full size images) and then press and hold your finger on the image. Save the image to your phone. Then go to your phone’s image gallery and select the image to use it as your lock-screen or your background!

If you like these, let us know! If you have any of your own great gaming phone backgrounds, let us know, and we’ll keep the blog updated with the best wallpapers.


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Steve Cook is co-founder and CTO of CheatCodes.com. A true old-skool gamer, he's as comfortable blowing away Space Invaders and Asteroids as he is coding in C, Java, or PHP. He currently lives in New Mexico... which is cleaner than Old Mexico.

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