2014 E3 Day One Wrap Up


E3 is the largest event in video gaming culture where publishers and developers all over the world come to showcase their latest games and projects. Each and every year the show gets bigger and more impressive, and 2014 is no different. Now that E3 has started, we were able to confirm some of the rumors that we heard about, but we also were delighted to find out about some new games as well.

During the Microsoft conference we were able to witness the reveal of the Rise of the Tomb Raider game, the sequel to the GOTY Tomb Raider launched in 2013. The E3 trailer shows Lara undergoing therapy and exploring some interesting caverns. The game will be launched in the holiday season 2015.

Brand new Witcher 3 gameplay was also shown during the same conference and in this we are able to see numerous additions and improvements to the predecessors. We can also witness an amazing battle with a Griffin that Geralt manages to defeat in the end. During the same conference we were able to find out that the Limbo developer prepares a game named Inside, and we also had the opportunity to watch a new trailer for the impressive co-op game Evolve. The conference concluded with a gameplay video for the new Assassin?s Creed and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Electronic Arts brought numerous things to the table and while to new games were revealed, we were able to find out more about the Dragon Age: Inquisition combat and tactics. In addition, we received a behind the scenes video for the new Battlefront game and the information that FIFA 15 will go next-gen on the PC. Battlefield Hardline gameplay videos were released as well and the beta signups are now open. Mirror?s Edge fans also got to see some information about the main character, although no significant gameplay was released.
Sony?s conference was a highlight for the day because here we got the info that GTA V is finally coming to PC and next generation consoles. Furthermore, this is the place where we received info that a new Dead Island game will be released in 2015 and Magicka 2 and No Man?s Sky are also in development. Also, Grim Fandango gets a re-mastered edition that will come to the PS4 later this year.

Ubisoft plans to launch numerous games this year and their presence at E3?s first day was more than impressive. They revealed a new game, called Rainbow Six Siege, complete with some gameplay video and also some videos for the Valiant Heart title. The crown jewel of Ubi, the Assassin?s Creed series got a single-player and co-op demo that showcased the new location and character for this year?s installment. In addition, we were also able to see first time gameplay for the upcoming Farcry 4 title. The conference also brought a release date for The Crew, which is November 18 and a beta scheduled for July this year. This concluded with a new trailer for The Division title scheduled for a 2015 release.

This was a full round-up for the first day at E3. Stay close as we will come with more information the next few days regarding all the awesome gaming news presented there.

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