Grand Theft Auto 5 Complete Weapons List

GTA 5 Weapons Wheel

GTA V Weapons That Aren’t Really Weapons

They’re not technically weapons, but since they’re stored in your Grand Theft Auto 5 weapons inventory, we’ll still include them here.

  • Binoculars – Better than a sniper scope for regular long range viewing, since the picture is more clear. Plus they come in handy if your next-door neighbor is cute…
  • Jerry Can – We’ve never met Jerry, but we like how he rolls. Basically a large gas can, but you can dump stuff out to create liquid trails or pools of liquid… which can then be lit on fire.
  • Parachute – This non-weapon comes in really handy — especially when it’s time to jump from somewhere high. It’s deployed with the fire button, and disappears from your inventory after one use.
Franklin's so bad-a$$, he only needs binoculars.

Franklin’s so bad-a$$, he only needs binoculars.

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