Grand Theft Auto 5 Complete Weapons List

GTA 5 Weapons Wheel

GTA V Sub-Machine Guns

Now things start to get interesting. None of these weapons are legal for civilians in the real world, which is partly why it’s so fun to shoot them in Grand Theft Auto V. Here at the offices, we refer to these SMGs as Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear, but unlike the high-maintenance Goldilocks, we think they’re all “juuuust riiiiight.”

  • Micro SMG – the same as the Micro Uzi in earlier installments, the Micro is the only machine gun you can fire from inside a car. That comes in real handy.
  • SMG – This looks like the Micro, but a side-folding wire stock for extra stability.
  • Assault SMG – Only available to Rockstar Social Club members, this full-size sub-machine gun appears to be based on the FN Herstal’s P90. It’s as close to a piece of art as a gun can get.
Franklin sports an SMG on the beach

Franklin sports an SMG on the beach

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