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When coverage is more important than pin-point accuracy, a boom-stick what you want in your hands. And just as it always has been in classics Doom and modern games like Halo, the shotgun is often the perfect tool for the job.

  • Pump Shotgun – Based on the Mossberg Cruiser, this timeless classic is always fun to shoot.
  • Sawed-off Shotgun – You can hold it like a pistol, but it packs the punch of a boomstick.
  • Assault Shotgun – Based on the real-life Striker shotgun, this badboy can go full auto. We likely.
  • Bullpup Shotgun – A free bonus weapon for Special and Collector’s Edition owners, Rockstar claims it “More than makes up for its slow, pump-action rate of fire with its range and spread. Decimates anything in its projectile path.”
Michael is ready to bring the noise in GTA 5 with his boomstick

Michael is ready to bring the noise in GTA 5 with his boomstick

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