Grand Theft Auto 5 Complete Weapons List

GTA 5 Weapons Wheel

GTA V Weapon Customization Options

Apart from the weapons themselves, there are a number of weapons customization options available in Grand Theft Auto 5. Sometimes you just have to buy all the goodies to be tacti-cool.

  • Flashlight – Attach it to your weapon to see your target better in the dark.
  • Enhanced Grip – Increases a weapon’s accuracy rating.
  • Extended Mag – Gives a magazine-fed weapon a higher ammo capacity.
  • Suppressor – Hides muzzle flash and dampens sound of the weapon when fired.
  • Scope – Provides limited zoom functionality to certain weapons, and can be used as a spotting device.
  • Advanced Scope – Only for sniper rifles, it provides a greater range than the standard scope, and provides thermal imaging during certain situations.

There’s our complete Grand Theft Auto 5 weapons list. Tell us about your favorite GTA 5 weapon in the comments below!

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