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GTA V Assault Rifles

Every time an assault rifle is fired in GTA 5, Senator Diane Feinstein dies a little bit on the inside. So let’s fire these weapons rapidly and often, shall we?

  • Assault Rifle – The standard AR in the game appears to be modeled after a variant of the classic Russian-designed AK-47.
  • Carbine Rifle – Based on the full-auto version American-made Daniel Defense DDM4, this is one of the most effective weapons in the GTA universe.
  • Advanced Rifle – Based on the Israeli TAR-21, this “bullpup” assault rifle packs a major punch with a small footprint. It’s also available with a modification that allows it to hold 60 rounds, rather than the standard 30.
Trevor knows how to handle the assault rifle

Trevor knows how to handle the assault rifle

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