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Some players find the melee mode in Grand Theft Auto 5 to be much better than it was in GTA 4, while others prefer the old way. Regardless, even without heavy firepower, you can still cause some damage with the following melee items:

  • Fists – As it has been in every single GTA title, even in situations where you don’t have a weapon, you can always use your fists.
  • Knife – Besides being Bryan Adams’ favorite weapon, the Knife lets you perform stealth attacks when you don’t want to alert anyone around you.
  • Nightstick – A single-handed weapon that isn’t as powerful as the Baseball Bat, but can still do some damage and let you run fast.
  • Hammer – Unlike with MC Hammer, you can touch this… but only if you have the GTA 5 Special Edition or Collector’s Edition. It’s great for short range attacks, and can be stolen from construction workers (once they’re dead).
  • Wrench – Can only be used during torture sequences (shudder).
  • Baseball Bat – One of three “special” GTA V melee weapons, it packs decent damage.
  • Crowbar – The second “special” melee weapon, this is a pretty hard weapon to find in GTA 5, but there’s one between a green trash can and a pile of pallets at the Cluckin’ Bell Farms, and there’s also one on a sunken ship of the NW coast of the mainland.
  • Golf Club – The third “special” melee weapon in the game, and certainly the most civilized melee weapon in GTA V, but it still packs a punch… especially if your victim is on the ground.

Check out this video from our home boys at FrogSquad, showing the location of the three special melee weapons.

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